Frequently Asked Questions!

The answer to some Questions we frequently get, if you have any other questions be sure to call or message us on Facebook!

Are The Doors Locked?

No the doors are not locked! you are free to exit the room if you feel it necessary. 

Are We Paired With Other Groups?

No the only people in the room with you are the people you bring, and the possible actor. 

Is It Scary?

All of our rooms are different, some are scary, some are done with the lights on and we can make some accommodations if necessary.  

Do We Need The Actor?

The live actors used in the rooms are there to add to the ambience of the room but are not needed for game play, we can remove the actor if requested. 

What If More/Less People Come Than Bo‚Äčoked For? 

When booking we would like an estimate of how many people are coming. If you book for 5 people and 8 show up we will accept the whole group (as long as the numbers do not exceed room maximum) also if you book for 5 people and 4 come you only have to pay for the individuals present not booked for. 

Do I Have To Bring Anything? What About Footwear? 

You do not have to bring anything. Everything you need to escape is inside of the room or will be given to you before you enter the room. You can wear anything you like on your feet, but you may be standing for extended periods of time, so make sure they are comfortable.