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Are you tired of sitting around all day? Bored out of your mind? Binge watching your favorite show for the third time, or are you looking for something fun and exciting to do? Because we have the thing for you. Be transported to a land of our creation, find clue, solve puzzles and work together with your team in this race against time! Not only is it a fun way to spend time with your family and friends but it's also a fun way to show them who's the smartest. All for only 20 dollars per person (cash only and pay upon arrival).


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As a night guard at a local storage facility you find yourself standing in the lair of The Toxic Killer. A serial killer now plaguing your home town, you have one hour to escape his lair before he returns and finds you.   (maximum of 6)

Under The Sea

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You are a group of scuba divers researching an old ship wreck deep in the ocean when your way to the surface gets blocked by a group of sharks. (maximum of 8)

Abandon All Hope!

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You've just bought a new house but you realize this house holds a dark secret. In the basement you find a dybbuk box said the hold a dark spirit. (maximum of 8)