Business Dynamics

Are you noticing some problems with your work force. A struggle for power, needless drama between co-workers or even a lot of stress in the work place? This could all be due to a poor business dynamic. With a strong business dynamic you will see your team working together effectively and cohesively to get the job done, thus improving your over all business dynamic. We can help put your business dynamics back on track as well as keep it strong. We allow you to see the strength and weaknesses of your team so you can see which members of your staff play what role. We can help create bonds between co-workers so they are able to work together better and are not afraid to ask for help when needed. We also help to motivate your team, putting a challenge in front of them that they will have to work together to face. Improving their time management, communication, problem solving and team work skills. 


For a single Booking we offer a 10% discount for business! We can hold up to 24 people at a time between our three rooms. Payment is required with each booking. we accept cash and cheques.

For your year package which include a booking every 2 months for a total of 6 visits to help maintain your business dynamics we offer 3 deals. 

24 people - $2,000

12 people - $1,000

8 people- $800 dollar

Payment is required at first booking and we will check with the company every 2 months to remind of the booking opportunity. We accept cash and cheques.