Live action Puzzles

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Have you ever wondered if you could escape from an Egyptian pyramid or from the clutches of an evil mad man, well at Escape Miramichi Entertainment we can give you the chance (minus the murder). With our live action versions of the popular mobile phone escape games we can put you and your friends to the test. You must find clues, solve puzzles, riddles and think outside of the box while time is counting ​down! Can you escape in 60 minute or less, lets find out!

Business Training Experience

Escape Miramichi has not only been providing the people of the Miramichi and surrounding areas with a fun and exciting escape experience since 2016, but can also provide your business with a team building experience like none other. Let us help you improve your Business Dynamics, and get you up out of that desk.

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What our customers are saying

Completely  loved it. I found it very well put together and challenging! Girls working there were great at setting the scene and very helpful when needed. Can't wait to go back and try another room!


 Great fun... Our family of 4 worked together and had an awesome time... being successful at escaping was also great!

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